Perio Implants 3

Perio-Implants 3

– Extraction failed teeth.
– Immediate “flapless” implant placement using BTI CT Scan ( )and PRGF ( )
– Immediate restorative temporisation of placed implants.









Digital Radiographic view of endodontically failed canine tooth.










Digital Radiographic view of endodontically failed upper front centrals.







Clinical labial view of failed upper right canine.







Careful surgical piezon surgery ( ) removal of failed roots and application of PRGF ( ),
prior to immediate dental implant placement.








“Flapless”, immediate dental implant placement into socket sites, following socket site debridement/ degranulation, using BTI CT Scan ( ) and application of PRGF ( ).










Digital Radiograhic view following implant placement 13/12 area.








Digital Radiographic view following immediate implant placement 11/21 area.







Fixed restorative temporisation of placed dental implants.

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