Our best Oral Implants are always our own god given HEALTHY NATURAL TEETH.

It all starts with perfect Periodontal Health of our “teeth roots UNDER the “gums”.

Patients, the public, are sadly being badly short changed …. they receive all types of expensive dental treatments above the gums, around and inside the tooth….. crowns, fillings, root canals, oral hygiene, orthodontics, etc…. but very few dental professionals, “look for”, diagnose or treat the fulminating, smelly, sewage/like biofilm- plaque- calculus buildup on the teeth roots UNDER THE GUMS….. the leading cause of human TOOTH LOSS.

A typical case is shown below to demonstrate, which sadly is seen on a regular basis!!!

Before Treatment

  • note radiologically visible “bacteria bumps” on the roots under the gum line.

After Treatment

  • Right side after treatment , note smooth, totally clean roots under the gum line

  • Left side after treatment , note smooth, totally clean roots under the gum line

Note the X-rays before treatment …. years and years of disease “radiographic bumps” on the teeth roots “under” the gums, confirm this. This is microbiota biofilm under the gums, that has grown and thickened over the years, “ where the patient can’t clean “ and it has not been noticed, diagnosed or adequately treated by the Dentist and/ or his/her Oral Hygienist. (despite the patient having all sorts of other dental treatments done over the years.)

Note compare the X-rays after treatment ….. the roots under the gums have been totally disinfected, cleaned and root planed totally smooth and bacteria/ protozoal/ fungal disinfected ….. creating a “HEALTHY” tooth root- gum- jaw bone environment again.

Now good quality long- term Maintenance and Monitoring is vital to ensure continued Health.

We know from experience and research studies, that by recreating a commensal non-pathogenic biofilm on the sub gingival root surfaces, the pocket closes within 2 months and bone rebuilds in around 8 months… (mouth bone is not different from other human bone)

Yes we must also remove all calculus with sonic and ultrasonic, and verify with devices Detectar, Perioscan, etc.

The pockets close if the root surfaces are brought back to a healthy state, no matter the age of the patient, young and old.

With the excellent diagnostic, microscopic, bacteria diagnostic tools and root cleaning equipment we have today, open surgical procedures are seldom required, except exceptional cases, less than 1 percent.

There is no need for surgery, as we have 97% pocket closure doing it the non surgical medical way controling the microbiota. But we do make sure a perfect commensal non pathogenic biofilm is reestablished, with no PMNs present, by using microscopy. In 99% of periodontitis infections, the micro organisms we see are mostly protozoan, some Aa, some Gardnerella, some ITS. This we can see under the microscope. Total removal of the pathogenic biofilm is always our goal ……. remember Calculus is a consequence of pathogenic biofilm growth h and thickening, calculus is not the disease.

Treat the disease, by removing the causes of the infection …….. it works some kind of easily.

The ultimate unit in specialized Periodontics and oral hygiene therapy for Guided Biofilm Therapy ( GBT)


Guided Biofilm Therapy is the systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management in professional prophylaxis using state of the art AIRFLOW, PERIOFLOW and PIEZON technologies. It is proven by scientific evidence.

Guided Biofilm Therapy consists of treatment protocols based on individual patient diagnosis and risk assessment in order to achieve optimal results. The treatment is given in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

Guided Biofilm Therapy includes Oral Hygiene Instructions plus patient education and motivation to maintain natural teeth and implants for as long as possible.

HAIN LIFESCIENCE Molecular Diagnostics for safe therapy

The microbiological analyses with micro-Dent and micro-IDent plus enable reliable determination of periopathogenic marker bacteria.
The human genetic test GenoType IL-1 in turn detects a patient’s genetically encoded predisposition for an increased inflammatory reaction.
Together, both test systems allow a comprehensive overview of the patient’s individual situation.

Advantages of the analysis with micro-IDent & micro-IDent plus:
– the test result enables individual and successful treatment
– supports the decision for or against adjunctive antibiotic treatment
– allows the selection of the most effective drug
– over- or undertreatment is avoided
– control analyses document the treatment success
– prior to implantations, the proof of absence of bacteria helps to avoid implant loss due to peri-implant infections

LEICA DM750 compound Microscope


The ability to share, capture and archive images allows periodontal patients to view specimens obtained from their own ” intraoral” and “periodontal” infected and diseased sites. An excellent tool for patient motivation and education.

DENTAL OPERATING MICROSCOPE with 5 step magnification, beam splitter and PAL CCD Camera & LED Monitor

The advantages of the microsurgical approach to treatment has long been recognized in other surgical specialties.

The microsurgical approach in periodontal plastic surgery isdocumented as being superior to conventional methods.

Optical magnification has broadened the horizons of dentistry in general and Periodontology in particular. It has established microsurgical techniques for periodontal procedures by magnifying even minute anatomical structures, leading to enhanced mucogingival aesthetic outcomes by minimizing scarring and decreasing healing time.



Emily Knapman will be supporting our practice in the process of setting up and maintaining CQC compliance.

SPECIALISED to Treat and save YOUR teeth. Our best Implants are always our own healthy teeth. Artificial Dental Implants are a poor substitute and always a last "Treatment" resort.