Periodontal Before & After

Before & After Treatment: An Advanced Periodontics Case


One of the main reasons for the development of severe periodontal problems is poorly fitting dental restorations combined with poor professional oral hygiene maintenance, following the dental treatment.

Before & After Treatment: Case with a “Gummy-Smile”


It is possible for the gums to be lifted where patients are concerned and embarrassed showing to much gum with short teeth, especially when smiling. It is not necessary today for your SMILE to be an embarrassment to you!

Before & After Treatment:


All restorative fillings , prosthetic crowns and bridgework should only be placed on teeth that have been made periodontally healthy PRIOR to the restorative work being completed. The best oral-implants are your own, healthy teeth.


Before & After Treatment: Correcting Receding Gums


By using soft tissue grafts, similar to techniques used in plastic surgery for skin grafts, it is possible to rebuild gum tissue that has been lost due to recession.


Before & After Treatment: Rebuilding lost Gum & Jawbone


Through advanced and specialised periodontal surgical techniques we can restore the lost soft and hard tissue that has been lost where teeth have had to be extracted due to advanced periodontal infection.


Before & After Treatment


Two teeth, that have had to be extracted due to advanced periodontal infection, replaced by fixed implants carefully placed in the correct position following rebuilding of the lost jawbone. The wearing of embarrassing removable dentures and living with toothless spaces is virtually a thing of the past in the 21st century, due to the evolvement of implant surgery, which is an integral part of the treatments we can offer the patient in PERIODONTICS.

SPECIALISED to Treat and save YOUR teeth. Our best Implants are always our own healthy teeth. Artificial Dental Implants are a poor substitute and always a last "Treatment" resort.